Reading multiple Excel files and their sheet names


I'm trying to set up a workflow which loops through a directory which contains several Excel files. These Excel files have three different sheet names but only two of them are important for me per file. Therefore I need to check the sheet names, too.

Currently I have created a workflow which creates a file list (List Files) and streams the output back to a variable (Table Row To Variable Loop Start). The next step is to determine the sheet names with (Read XLS Sheet Names) and save it again in a variable (Table Row To Variable Loop Start) for later processing. Then I start to check the sheet names with multiple IF switches which works perfectly but my problem is that only the inner loop is executed once for the first file. I also tried to add a second Loop End node but that does not work.

Does anybody can help me where I geet wrong? Any other solution is also appreciated.

Many thanks,


Hi guys,

I found my problem. It's the first Try and Catch node which is causing my outer loop problem. 

So problem is solved.



Hi Joe,

18 Minutes, not bad :-)

Cheers, Iris

Can you show what you changed for the Try and Catch node?