regex rename to lowercase

Trying to do something really simple here - rename using “Column Rename (Regex)” I simply want to change the column names to all lower case. Tried many combinations of search (.+) and replacement \L1$ - no joy it does not want to act on the name - it just adds a prefix to it .I have 500 columns so no - do not want to do this one at time. I am assuming I am missing a fundamental piece of info here. Thanks in advance.

Hello @jimo42,

seems this is not supported but here you can find workaround:


A way to do it would be row id with transpose

Hello @Daniel_Weikert,

that is ok in case table is small otherwise you are two times transposing big table which is not necessary and may take some time :open_mouth:


Thanks a lot Ivan,
good to know. Would normally do this in Python not with Knime nodes

Thanks everyone for your input. I actually ended up doing very similar with just the headers. However it seems odd that regex rename node would not be able to do it, 1 node versus 5. Oh well there’s always another way.



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