Regular expression help

Good day. I like to ask for some tips on a problem I like to solve. I have a dataset containing multiple columns. I like to use regular expression to extract out some info in one of the columns and append onto a new column. Is there a node that allows me to do that? Thanks.

Hi thtan,

there is e.g. the integrated Regex Split or the String Manipulation nodes which support working with regexes.

Then there is the Column Expressions node which has regex functions (unfortunately this is very slow compared to the nodes mentioned above, especially noticeable when running through big tables or loops)

As a heavy regex user I was not very happy with each of them (especially the missing feedback or preview), so I’ve built the Regex Extractor node which is available in the Palladian extension. More info here:

Hope this helps!


Hi Philipp,
Thanks for the reply! I tried “Regex Extractor” and it works like a charm! It solves my problem. Thanks very much for the help!


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