replacement of node Excel Sheet Appender (XLS) (Deprecated)

Hi People

I know there was a node named (Excel Sheet Appender (XLS)) which is deprecated. This node was used to for instance split values in a column and generate sheets for each value with its content. What other node or nodes can be used to get the same result?


I appreciate your help

Hello, I’m not sure what you mean exactly, as I cannot access that deprecated node, but this sounds similar to the Just KNIME It challenge 16 we did last week and have various ways to split data: Solutions to "Just KNIME It!" Challenge 16

If that isn’t what you need, then post some screenshots of the input and and the expected output or post that workflow and data that goes with it. Thanks!

You can do this now all with the Excel Writer
It can create a new file, but also append sheets to an existing one. And if you add multiple input port, you can save all of them without looping :slight_smile:


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