Replacing double quotes by simple quotes [SOLVED]


I'm trying to pass string flow variables in a database reader but oracle is waiting simple quotes string

ex :

content of my flow variable -> "AABFZ5P"

oracle is expecting -> 'AABFZ5P'


how can i replace those doubles quotes by single quotes ?

Thanks for reading :)

Hi Wakat,

you can use the String Manipulation Variable node for this. And there the replace function.

Best, Iris  

Thanks Iris,

But i allready tried this node with this expression : 

replace($${S?myVariable?}$$, "\"" , "\'")

and i still get this error : Execute failed: ORA-00904: "AABFZ5P" : invalid identifier

I don't see any simple quotes in the description of the function :/

Hi Wakat,

Can you please try without escaping the single quotes in the replacement?




I solved my problem in the database reader by changing my query like this :

SELECT * FROM myTable where col= replace('$${SmyVariable}$$','"','')

Thanks for your help :)


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Hi, Iris…

Could you please give us an example?

In my case, I need to remove double quotes as follow

“coffe”, “Milk”,“Chocolate”

Coffe, Milk, Chocolate

How can I do this? Could you please demonstrate?

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