Replacing single quotes with double quote

i have gone though this but i am not getting as expected output Link

there are more 1-2 topic. however i am not getting output.

Current out= ‘abdc-efg-hifk’
expected output= “abdc-efg-hifk”

i tried using string manipulation and column expression too.

Hello @Hammy,

probably you are dealing with different (curly?) quotes but to avoid guessing it would be best to share some input dummy data with quotes and I’m sure someone will give it a try :wink:


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[ {
‘id’ : 'AB00011100111
‘start_date’ : 1602527400,
‘end_date’ : 1665513000
} ]

this is the output, want to replace the quotes.

output which i want is:

[ {
“id” : “AB00011100111”,
“start_date” : 1602527400,
“end_date” : 1665513000
} ]

Hello @Hammy,

so you can give this expression a try in String Manipulation node:
replaceChars($column1$,"‘’" ,"“”" )

As I said in my previous reply this is a matter of curly vs straight quotes probably so you have to know what kind of quotes you can have in your data and with what to replace it. In your example you have both curly and straight single quotes…



yes, got it.
right its working now,
thanks Ivan


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