Request: Remove warnings for reasonable configurations

After 4.2 release and finding very old issues still present I’m trying a new attempt.

These are 2 main requests I have been repeating for years. Some nodes emit warnings for totally reasonable configurations which especially when run in loops completely clutters the console. And as has been said in the previous requests changing the log level is not a solution because some warnings are actually relevant.

  1. RowID Node

See previous thread.

RowID Node emits a warning when regenerating rowids without setting a column from which to take id. Regenerating rowid from scratch is totally reasonable especially after multiple joins and other processing. Please remove this waring

  1. GroupBy Node

Emits a warning when either no group column is provided or no aggregation column is set.

No grouping column included. Aggregate complete table
No aggregation column defined

Both configurations are reasonable and helpful. No grouping is useful when wanting to aggregate over whole columns. Quite common scenario often in loops. No aggregation column can be useful if you simply want to extract the possible values. Here it makes even less sense to have a warning because if you want an aggregation and it isn’t there you would immediately notice.

For me it would extremely helpful seeing actual relevant warnings in all the irrelevant ones.


+1 - in particular on the GroupBy Node

Hello @beginner,

+1 for perseverance from me :slight_smile:

There is already a ticket in system (internal reference: AP-11712) based on your previous topic and have updated it. Also ticket is there to handle GroupBy warning messages (internal reference: AP-9026).


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