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I have found this post Restrict specific users from using Writer nodes which is something I also need to do.

I want to prevent certain nodes to be used. For instance the “Call Remote Workflow (Row Based)” node. It doesn’t have the option to keep copies of jobs and we require workflow jobs to be saved as to be able to troubleshoot them but this node doesn’t allow that control. It is also the case with some workflows that uses nodes that are free for local use but requires licenses for running on KNIME Server.

So for these nodes we need to prevent users from even being able to see and use them as we cannot affort the users to spent hours/days on workflows to only find out they have used nodes that should not be used.

Hi @Willem,

on the server it is possible to blacklist certain nodes, so that workflows that include a blacklisted node are not executed on the server.

As in general everyone can download and install KNIME Analytics Platform from the KNIME website it is a bit harder to prevent users to use all nodes. How is KNIME Analytics Platform provided within your organization? Can everyone just download it from the KNIME website?


Hi Kathrin,

We provide the executor zip file to them to extract locally to try and keep node versions the same as the executors. If we can remove the nodes from the executor I can zip the executor and then distribute it to our team.

Hi Willem,

unfortunately it is not possible to exclude individual nodes from the zip file, but you can exclude extensions.

This solves your issue with nodes that require a license to run on the server. For the “Call Remote Workflow (Row based)” node you would need to uninstall the extension KNIME Personal Productivity Tools – KNIME Community Hub. In that case you might exclude nodes, which you and your users actually need.


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