Retrieving image from view failed in latest Knime Windows version running on Wine in Ubuntu 18.10

I am unable to execute the java script based pie and stacked charts, shows the attached error.
I am running a windows version of Knime latest version through Wine and I suppose my browsers are configured to run directly using Ubuntu dependencies whereas Knime is using Windows features through Wine.
The error shows “Retrieving image from view failed: Error retrieving image: Chrome driver was not initialized. Could not retrieve image.”

Can someone help on how to resolve this?


Hello Anis,

Thank you for your question. Is there a reason not to use KNIME directly in Ubuntu? You can download the Linux version from here:


I have no specific experience with this setting but from my experience you have to toy around with the settings for JavaScript Views (cf. Screenshot). They might look different depending on your system. Under normal conditions the default settings should work fine.

Also you could try and convert the image to PNG and try to save that since the default outcome seems to be SVG (of course if that is not working the conversion will also not work).

Image settings: