row by row multiplication problem

I want to compare the average data in table1 with a new derived field in table2, which is calculated by subtracting 3 times the Sigma value (Avg - 3xSigma). None of the currently used methods can achieve this.

Initially, I used Table Transposer to transpose the data, aiming to apply a mathematical formula to the transposed fields. However, since the field type became β€œ?” after transposition, it was impossible to perform calculations.

Is there a better way to compute values between columns?
Thank you.



If anyone knows I’d be really grateful as this has stuck with me for a long time

@lca50666 ,

Can you provide sample data ?

and what you want output , can you provide sample ?

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@tqAkshay95 Hello,
table.xlsx (11.8 KB)
I combined the two tables into one file. I hope that the output table will only have the calculated row (1_Avg_-3Sigma) and the original rule data can be removed.

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Hello @lca50666,

Check the below solution


WorkFlow Attached
RowByRowMultiplication.knwf (96.5 KB)

1.xlsx (9.3 KB)
2.xlsx (9.3 KB)



@yogesh_nawale Thank you! This method is truly amazing! I have learned so much.

@yogesh_nawale Hello, I’ve encountered another problem. When changing the calculation from β€˜-’ to β€˜+’, its type changes, and it can’t be converted to double… The picture is below:

Can you specify which node have you used?

Hey @lca50666,

To convert β€œ-” to"+" i.e Absolute values you can

  1. convert Result Column from String to Number
  2. Use Math Formula Node to convert the Result Column To absolute numbers



thank you!I later used Column Auto Type Cast String to Number node to solve this problem

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