Rule Based Row Filter

Hi, All

Small question, trying to use the rule-based row filter, how come this rule is not producing what I need?

I want it to filter for “29881” and “29874”. I have tried both the AND and OR.

When using the OR, the only table that is produced is with 29881 values and no 29874.

What I want to do is have several codes in.

Basically, I want it to look pull data from the CPT 1 column for “29881”, "29874, “29115” and “21225”

I can I get the rule to do this?

I thought I had it correct with the OR but am not getting what I need.


Hi Matt,

Below is the rule with "OR’, which will include any row that the CPT Code 1 in that row is one of the values you mentioned:
$CPT Code 1$ = "29881" OR $CPT Code 1$ = "29874" OR $CPT Code 1$ = "29115" OR $CPT Code 1$ = "21225" => TRUE

Did you get what was your mistake there?
You cannot use OR/AND between values, you must use them between full conditions.



Ohhhh. Thank you. That made it work!

That last sentence was the mistake I was making!

Thanks for the prompt reply!

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hi armin .i have a question.i have a string of letters in a row. and
All three letters represent one amino acid. How can I filter for this string

Hi @saraef and welcome to KNIME community forum,

Would you please create a new topic for your issue and provide some examples as well?


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Yes, gladly. Although my knowledge is limited with this program :blush:

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To follow @saraef topic: translate the DNA sequences into amino acid sequences