Rule engine error - This might never match using looping nodes


We are trying to replace values in multiple columns by using iterative loops on column however the rule engine shows “This might never match” error and generates empty columns.

And if I select the column name from rule engine instead of the current column value the rule engine works, I am not sure what is the issue here?

Hi @Pranjal_m ,
If you are able to upload a small example workflow that exhibits your issue you’ll probably find more people are able to help. I’ve not personally seen that message before.

You may find this post of interest in terms of an alternative way of handling multiple columns in a “rule engine” although I don’t know if it will exactly fit your use case.

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Your screenshot shows “121–151” while all the other rules have a single dash. Its highly unlikely that has an effect on your problem, but probably should be fixed unless that’s what you actually have. I’m with @takbb - some data and if possible your workflow would help.


Are your columns sorted? Looks like you can just write the current iteration number in the column without any rule engine.

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