Rule Engine (Multi Column Dictionary)

I want to use this very good solution “RULE ENGINE MULTI COLUMNS DICT.” proposed by @takbb . to limit the number of “Rule Engine”.
The issue is that the system only retains the first category processed. For example, if I start with “QR ef”, all lines are converted without a problem, but not in the other categories: QR 5mn, QR 15mn, etc. Using individual Node Rule Engines works. I believe there is an issue in the Excel Reader or in the formulas. Where ???
Thanks for your help.
KNIME_project10.knwf (158.0 KB)


Hi @Brain , thanks for trying out the Rule Engine (Multi Column Dictionary) component. Are you able to upload the other excel used in your demo workflow (pivot2.xlsx) ?

Actually, I think I see what the problem is.

In the rules, you have TRUE => $C1$ in multiple places. (And likewise for the other columns). As the component simply relays all the rules for each column in turn to the Rule Engine, the Rule Engine is encountering the TRUE => statement and therefore subsequent rules for that column will always be ignored.

If I filter your rules xlsx for just column C1, this is the set of rules being passed to Rule Engine for that column:

If you were to manually replicate that exact set of rules in a (single) Rule Engine, which is what the component is doing on your behalf, you would see the same behaviour. So what you need to do is lose all but the last TRUE => statement for each column, and then it should work as you want it to.

You could, for example just place all the TRUE => statements at the end, so your rules list would look like this:

Give that a try and see if it now works for you :slight_smile:

For anybody else interested in this component, here is the original forum post from which it originated, which contains a link to the component on the community hub


It’s perfect. Many Thanks
I really like this way when you you a lot to do with data.


Thanks @Brain for the kind words and glad it is working for you.

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