Sales Forecast with recursive loop

Hello Dear Forum,

i need your help and I hope you can understand my question.

I have sales data from 2013 - June 2015 and should make a forecast in sales for July 2015.

Now I thought about to do this best with a recursive loop but unfortunately I’m lost to this one.

I hope somebody can help me to create a easy and understandable workflow for my problem.

Many thanks in advance!

Creating a forecast… Particularly, choosing the right method to forecast… Depends quite a lot on the goals of the project, available data, how accurate it needs to be, whether external factors might influence the forecast, etc.

If you can provide a little more context to what you have at your disposal, someone can probably help you.

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@Patrick92 welcome to the KNIME forum

Like @Snowy said: it would be helpful if you could give us some more details.

Then. We had a somewhat similar discussion about the prediction of numeric targets (unemployment in the UK) here:

This resulted in a collection of workflows (please consider the whole workflow group):

Or this:

Then there is this collection about machine learning methods. In your case a regression model might be the right one. Or you might have to use something to predict based on time series (no collection for that, yet):

Often it does make sense to familiarise yourself with several methods and especially think about your business case and the data you have available and if what you want to find is somewhere in the data you have.

Thank you for your quick responses.

Basically its this competition, who I should solve with a linear regression and a loop.

The task is to predict the sales from each store for Juli 2015 (next 31 days).

We should only concentrate at the “train” and “test” data. I cant upload the both data because they are .csv-Data but you can have an access at the link I posted.

I tried to create a Workflow but somewhere there is an error. The Workflow is attached and a screenshot also.

I think a recursive loop is not necessary. The Workflow should be easy and understandable but also exactly as possible.

Thank you all for your help and time!

Rossmann_Sales.knwf (31.7 KB)

Can’t execute your flow as I don’t have the data but if you filter out the dates
in your first row splitter then I am not sure why you do the same for the second spiltter
$Date$<=“2015-06-30” => TRUE

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Thank you for your help!

You can download the data from the kaggle link I posted if you want to execute the workflow.

You may right the one date node is redundant but the workflow still doesnt work.

You see I’m a total beginner thats why I need help. Nevertheless I’m ready to learn.

Nobody who can help me? 🥲

What’s the error message. I can only see a warning in your flow

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