Save attachments from multipart response body

I am making a POST request to SOAP service and then trying to save attachments from SOAP response but got stuck. Ended up at this step, trying to figure out what to do with response body:

“Binary Objects to Files” node saves the file but corrupts it. If i open it with text editor there is soap response message on top lines of the file.

in Postman RAW response looks like this:

If somehow I could convert whole binary thing in to a string I could get the needed parts using boundary provided in response header, but after using “Binary Objects to Strings” node all encoded file content disappears.

Any help will be appreciated

@matazz welcome to the KNIME forum.

Could you provide us with an example of this data. Maybe save the workflow without resetting it so it would contain your data, if it is not confidential.

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One further idea which pops to my mind: You might give this one from the mbox Nodes a try. While the description and primary use case suggests it’s only for mbox messages, in fact I remember that it can parse any kind of multipart data. So worth giving it a try:

As I built this node, I’m especially looking forward to any kind of feedback if it worked or not :slight_smile:


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