Screen display problem


I would like to share with you a problem that I have encountered and solved recently.

After installing a new extention there was a large gap on the right side of the screen.

Solution Steps:

1- Close the KNIME application
2- Find this folder: ++knime workspace++ /.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.e4.workbench/
3- Delete this file: workbench.xmi
4- Relaunch the KNIME application


Hi @mstfkrdnz,

Welcome to the KNIME community. Many thanks for sharing the bug and your found solution. I will forward this to the development team to check and fix this.


Had a talk with the development team, they are already on it and treating it with a high priority.

Thanks again for your useful description including the solution/workaround.


Hi @mstfkrdnz,

Could you elaborate a bit more on your OS type, KNIME Analytics Platform version and the extension you just installed before the issue occured?

This could be very helpful for our development team to reproduce this issue and locate the error.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @MichaelRespondek,

I used mac pro, you can find bellow detail version. After uninstalling the application, I followed the steps that led me to the error. I am sending the screenshots in the attached file.


Process steps.docx (1.9 MB)


Thank you very much, I am sure this will help our development team a lot to reliably reproduce it. Highly appreciated.

Hello there,

just to drop info that with version 4.3.2. this is addressed and half screen problem shouldn’t happen any more. (AP-16147)

If workspace already has this issue and is opened with 4.3.2 for the first time a simple restart will fix it.


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