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One of my students downloaded KNIME. She uses a Mac. Somehow the screensize was cut in half. I tried to go to view – reset perspective but it did not help. She uninstalled it and then re-installed it but it still remains the same. I wonder if anyone has suggestions. Thank you!

Try to close small panels and reopen them using View menue.

This has been seen before - discussed here: Grey Area in Knime Workflow Editor

We are not very close to understanding why this happens for some people at the moment :- /

So there is no solution yet?

Yes - to my knowledge, no one has reported back that they have solved this - and we have not been able to reproduce it ourselves (in order to have something on hand to determine the problem.) @matteast92, does this still affect you?

Thank you.

Hi, I can confirm that it is still an issue with me. However i don’t currently have need for Knime with my work so haven’t taken this forwards. I will let you know when i do!

I also experience the same problem. After installing KNIME 3.7.1 I enjoyed a full screen. After importing the first workflow, my screen is half gray. I don’t know what to do about it but it is very annoying especially when the workflow is big.

If you quit KNIME, then delete the file .metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.e4.workbench/workbench.xmi in your workspace directory, then restart KNIME, it should restore the full screen; we still don’t know what causes this corruption.

(Also, if you’re running on Windows, make sure you are using 3.7.2 instead of 3.7.1, as 3.7.1 has potential application-hanging issues on Windows.)


This workaround works perfect :grinning:
Thanks for the very quick response!
I will ask IT to install the latest version of KNIME.

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I have the same problem on Windows 10 with just downloaded KNIME 4.2.1.

Hi @Soren,

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Have you maybe managed to solve it with suggestions from above linked topic? Did half screen came after first start or after you installed some extensions and then restarted KNIME?


I just wanted to mention the same thing happens with the newest version. I was able to remove the file mentioned above and fix it. Yes, I downloaded KNIME and then installed some extensions. But I was not sure if the extensions got installed. Then the issue happened after restarting KNIME. Then I tried to reinstall KNIME and the same issue came up right away without installing any extension. I guess not all files are getting removed properly when uninstalling KNIME.

I just created my account to Thank You!!!


Hello there,

just to drop info that with version 4.3.2. this is addressed and half screen problem shouldn’t happen any more. (AP-16147)

If workspace already has this issue and is opened with 4.3.2 for the first time a simple restart will fix it.


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