Search for Workflows in new UI?

I feel like this is perhaps a very obvious question, but in upgrading to the latest version and trying out the new UI, the very first thing I’m struggling with is searching for and opening up existing workflows. I don’t see any search bar on the main page, or when I click into my local space. Am I missing something?

To be clear, I do see my folder structure listed and I can navigate to and open workflows if I know exactly where they are saved and what they are named, so this is really a question about searching.

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Clic the panel that says Local Space and It sends you to another window where you can see all the Workflows and folders that you have stored in your workspace.

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Thanks for the quick reply! Yes, I have gotten that far, BUT is there no ability to then search on what you see there? i.e., the equivalent of the following in the Classic UI? I feel like I must be missing it, but if it’s really not there, this would probably keep me from sticking with the new UI…



Hi @scottb,
A search functionality is not yet in the space explorer, but already on the list for a future release — I will give it a +1 for you @scottb and @lsandinop.

Our internal ticket reference is NXT-1648


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