Search Workflows still missing in new UI, Preferences missing and more


bringing this up again as the topic got closed. The new UI is still lacking many highly important quality of life features such as the ability to search workflows.

Since my other post virtually no improvement to the start screen has been made. Everyone first thought is after opening the new UI “Where are my workflows?”. Adding to this, already opened workflows in the classic UI, the tabs, are not visible in the new UI but when closing Knime I am asked if I want to save.

Save what?

Furthermore, comparing the preferences, as I was looking for the setting to set my workspace, I noticed many preferences are missing in the new UI as well. I noticed that fragmentation continues to grow. Workflow settings, in a very limited UI with tiny icons, are hidden under Menu instead located under Preferences where everyone would assume it’s located.

Tiny icons

Tiny icon appearing only upon input is in focus

Preferences in Classic UI

Preferences in Modern UI

Original Post with the request to search workflows

Even more, though, the grid, despite turned in in the Classic UI, seems missing in the Modern UI. Snap to grid functionally is also gone. When there are two connection knots, for whatever reason they were there in the first place, you could remove one before my conveniently dropping one on the other. Now you have to right click on one and select remove it with a context menu “Delete Delete” that can easily be misinterpreted as delete connection.


Shortcuts like CTRL + L are still missing as well which has been flagged quite some time ago.

I wish I had more time during the hackathon. Can you please take the already provided feedback by the community seriously by not just stating “it’s on the list”? The condensed font, especially when it comes to the node name in bold, is a typographic nightmare (significantly worse readable). Not to speak about gray text on gray background like this:

Sorry for the rant, it’s definitely not meant that way but it’s becoming very frustrating by now.


Hi @mwiegand,

Thank you -again- for your feedback. I have shared this internally and will get back to you soon.

Yes, I can’t search workflows. Kind of a silly oversight. :rofl:

Also, having to use Ctrl+. to open the node menu is cool, but it should also come up when right-clicking on an empty space. You can drop Execute All and Reset all from the right-click menu in empty space, as those are at the top of the UI.

Finally, I would love to be able to turn back on the Grid, and even change the grid color. I miss my graph paper… :sweat_smile:

Is there a community UX feedback team or something similar for the nightly build? If I could have both the nightly build installed as well as the standard client, I would gladly test things for you. :slight_smile:

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PS: In addition to workflow names, it would be great if the search box would also search through workflow annotations, descriptions, tags, Metanode/Component Names and node comments. :pray: :pray: :pray:

Hi @EvanB,
Thank you for your feedback. You can always share your thoughts here in forum and they are very much appreciated!

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I’ve noticed Ctrl+F shortcut for ‘search’ activity is working properly in classic user inteface, but is inactive in the modern one. I’m not sure if the issue refers to my setup only, I’m not sure if this is linked to Search Workflow, but… I need to search for particular nodes from time to time.

@armingrudd any suggestions here?

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