Semaphore Behavior

I am using the analytics platform. I’ve several workflows now.

I notice that after I run the workflow, the semaphore, the status indicator light, is left in Green status.

Can I somehow reset it automatically? After a suscessfull run?

There are several workflows I am required to execute and the extra steps are laborious. I feel there must be a way to reset the green state to the yellow step.

Has anyone else faced this kind of need. What did you do? Manually keep resetting it? Or is there a way??

Hi @Shai,

if you save the workflow in the reset state, then it should open in this state every time you open the workflow (just do not save it after you execute the workflow / just close the workflow after execution)

*hope i understood you correctly :slight_smile:


There’s also the possibility to reset a workflow upon load using the “Reset” node. More details here:


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