Seperating a Dataset

Hey guys. I have a question/need for help. So I had to pivot my data in another way. And this caused me to have columns with multiple things, and I need to separate them. Any suggestions for this picture? So like the other one, they are separated by the shot zones.

The picture below is just one column showing one shot zone, I have 6 other shot zones. For example corner 3, long 3, short 3, long 2, and 30+ foot three.

I am trying to show the following:

Hi @adepani,

Would you please provide a sample data file? So I can work on it.

And also, further explanation would be a great help.


Of course.

So, basically I am trying to show flow of the basketball to map assists. So basically, every basket is associated with a player who shot the ball, and sometimes, a player who assisted the ball to the shooting player.

The data file, it too big to upload so here is a screenshot.

So if you look at the data set, you can see the team, the player who shot the ball, the shot_zone, if the shot was made, and if the shot was assisted by a player.

First, I want to organize by data so each player has a count of the total shots, they made, and of those shots, a count of the assist and by which specific player. So that I can create the following for individual players.

So on the right, you can first see the individual player name, in the middle the shot zone for the shots they actually made, and on the right, if the shots were assisted by a player then the player name and the color is yellow if the shots were assisted.

For example, Clint Capela, the big red stripe at the top connected to James Harden shows he made a bunch of shots from assists from Harden, while the dark grey connected to a strip with no names shows shots he took on his own.

So I need help structuring by data and how I can create the graph. For previous data, someone did suggest the String Manipulation node with the regex replace option but I donโ€™t know how to create a string to manipulate the data like that.

Does that make more sense?

Could you provide a sample of the input and your desired output table please?

What do you mean by sample of the input and desired output?

A small data set containing your current table and a table which shows how you want your final output look like.

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