Set DB Connector Login via Flow Variable

This workflow demonstrates how the login for the DB Connector can be set via flow variables.

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I’d appreciate a piece of advice about how to wrap this piece of workflow in a shared component which would read connection parameters including a password from an external configuration e.g. properties file so that the only thing an outer workflow would have to do in order to get a database connection would be introducing this shared component with no need of input parameters or flow variables pushed to the component.

According to my experience so far, the Credential Configuration node loses its binding to the workflow variable that holds a password when such a shared component get added to a workflow.

This is related to the issue Recommended way of configuring a database connectors I posted recently.

Instead of using the node chain as demonstrated in the workflow you can also use the new Variable to Credentials node:

Hi Tobias, could you please point me to an example workflow that uses the Variable to Credentials node. I’m trying to connect to a Teradata database using the generic DB Connector node. While I am able to connect successfully, I want to know how to keep the credentials secure via this node or another one. I would appreciate it of you could direct me to some examples and/ sample workflows/ documentation. Thank you.