Setting y-axis on a bar chart


I’m hoping someone can help me with bar charts. I’m trying to figure out how to set the max value on the y-axis. For example, this bar chart has a max value of 27 so I want the y-axis to be set at 30.

I’m trying to make multiple bar charts for comparisons between schools so I would like the y-axis to be consistent across all of my different bar charts. Thanks!

Hi @ciarroccacm

I was hoping this could be done with the custom css attribute knime-axis-max-min for the Barchart but I can’t get the proper syntax working.

Maybe someone from the KNIME team can provide further clarification on this.

There is a great alternative available however made by @AlexanderFillbrunn. See below:

It allows you to set the desired Y-axis value which is reflected accordingly:

Hope this helps!


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