Sharing of workflow - Protection

I often share workflows with my colleagues and customers, many times they come back to me after a few months that workflow is not executing, on multiple occasions I found that node configurations are changed – it is a painful exercise to find that node.
My question is how can I password protect my knwf and share them for individual users (non-server base)? My ideal scenario is that no one except me or someone with password should be able to see or change the configuration…

Hi @ali_aff , non-server base, I don’t think it is possible unfortunately. It will take discipline from the users.

The way I usually build my workflows is that I add all configuration via Variable Expressions node, all centralized at the beginning of the workflow.

Moreover, I usually have 2 sets of them - one is the workflow configurations, and one for user configurations.

No one should be touching the workflow configurations. It is meant to centralize the config variables where it’s easy to change configs in 1 place. For example, a URL, or even logics, db table names, etc, basically things that should not change with different users.

The user configurations is where I allow users to change whatever they want. For example, if they want to change environment (dev, staging, etc), or the user’s name, basically things that could change with different users.

That’s how usually it’s done with open source - you use to see these in comments “Do not modify anything beyond this line” kind of thing. It was expected that you can change some settings before that line. Anything after that, you change at your own risk.

How are you “sharing” your knwf with the users? Just make it read-only, and they should keep it as the original version, and make a copy off it as their working copy. That way, they can always revert back to the original version if they screw up.


Hi @ali_aff,

beside what @bruno29a already said - i think thr best workaround might be to put your whole prozess as a component - which makes un-intentional changes harder.
I think there is a feature to lock components/meta nodes (but i think it is only included in the server pricing)

So sadly I would say it is quite hard to implement what you need - as this is one of the selling features for the server variants (access management and Component locking/encrypting) :see_no_evil:


On top of what bruno29a mentioned you could then read out the config from a file. Still this doesn’t help if a user modifies the flow variable setting of a node.

My suggestion would simply be to have copies of each workflow you sent out on your side nicely organized. Customer breaks workflow? just send back the original version. Done.


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