Sharing Workflow from 4.2.3 to 4.1 somehow possible?

Hi everybody,

I created a workflow using KNIME 4.2.3 and then exported it in order to share it with a colleague who is using KNIME 4.1.

While starting the workflow on his computer we get a hint that he should uprgrade to 4.2.3 which is unfortunately not possible as he has no rights to install software. Anyway we were able to proceed and then asked to install the folliwing extensions:

  • Merge Variable
  • Table column to variable
  • Column expressions
  • Column appender
  • Joiner (labs).

Then KNIME shows us in the “Install details” window which extensions are going to be installed. Unfortunately it is not possible to proceed anymore, although the “next” button is clickable.

Is it a bug? Is it just not possible as the KNIME version is outdated? Is there someway to work around?

Many thanks in advance!

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If it is about technical instead of administrative restrictions KNIME can be installed just by being unpacked on a local drive and extensions can be installed from a large local repository (which is not ideal but it does work).

See “Adding Local Update Sites”

Or you could just pack your KNIME folder into a zip file and transfer that if this is suitable

Maybe you consult the installation guide.

In general newer KNIME workflows should work on older versions if they are not too far apart. Of course new functions would not be available and some quirks might appear.



Check here for more info:


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