show dots on line of Line Plot (Javascript)


I would like to show dots on the line of a diagram in image export of Line Plot (Javascript) that uses Color Manager.
Is there a way to achieve the desired result?

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I’m not aware of a method to do this (sorry!)

I think this is an example of where expanding the range of possible ‘Managers’ to include Line Style (Stroke in Java AWT-speak), and Fill Pattern, and possibly Fill Color (using the current Color as bothe line and fill color if no fill color manager is supplied?) in addition to the current set of Color, Size and Shape managers would be of benefit to KNIME’s view capabilities.


Hi @HenryJohns -

Have you tried using the new Plotly nodes in KNIME 4.0? The Line Plot (Plotly) node should be able to do what you describe.

Here I generated a plot where lower values are indicated in blue, higher values in red using a preceding Color Manager node.


Hi @ScottF -

thanks for your reply.
Is a line color data input planned for this node?

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We do have a ticket open to allow for assigning of colors to lines in the Line Plot (Plotly) node, but I don’t have an ETA for you on when that might happen. I will add a +1 from you.


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