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Hi there,
I tried to represent my data using a Interactive histogram(local), where the certain numbers are on x-axis(binning column), no aggregation column. The values are sorted by binning column and they are coloured.
Is there a posibility to enable legend show, so that is easy to see what is behind certain colour?
Or is there other node that can do the same as interactive histogram and have legend show?

Hello @nejraG,

don’t think that Interactive histogram(local) has Legend option and seems JavaScript Histogram node is not interactive in the same way.


So, since I wanted that my chart has an legend for better visualization i have tried many options to achieve that. So the last one was the Bar Chart, but still I could not get my data in the way I wanted. Searching in the forum for the answers I have bumped into a discussion about bar chart and you @ipazin have suggested one to many node for stacked data so I wanted to see what it does and I have liked it.
Thank You :slight_smile:


@nejraG :+1:
Linking above mentioned topic: How to Create Stacked Bar Chart

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