Simple list layout in Tag Cloud

I’ve just posted separately about my wish to be able to filter a visual output based on a selection event on a different table. One use case for this purpose is to filter a table of text excerpts based on a selection applied to a second table of unique terms.

Currently, I can do something very similar to this by using the Tag Cloud view to convert a table with repeated terms (each row containing a different text example) to a set of unique terms that I can select to filter a Table View showing the text examples.

However, I don’t always want such an unstructured view like that seen in a tag cloud. Often, I just want a simple list of terms, ideally sorted and coloured to show thematic groupings. One way to achieve this (if it were possible) would be to trigger selection events in a separate table. However, I would be just as happy if the Tag Cloud node could produce a simpler and more structured arrangement of the tags. For example, a list that retains the same order as the input table.

(As an aside, I also wish that the usual tag cloud view could group together words according to a category column, so that thematically related words could be clustered together. But I assume that is a more complex improvement than a simple list view.)

Is there any chance that the Tag Cloud node might be improved to offer different layouts (such as a simple list) in the near future?

Hi @AngusVeitch1

Thanks for the feedback. By chance have you seen the new Refresh Button Widget node. I think this might help a lot with what you are asking with table views and filtering.

If that does seem to work know that there are already plans to make the button ‘dynamic’ so that it will refresh the view without users needing to click it.

Let me know what you think. There is a little gif on our What’s New page that shows you how it might work: What's New in KNIME Analytics Platform 4.4 and KNIME Server 4.13 | KNIME

Wali Khan


Thanks @wkhan , I’m keen to try the refresh button, but so far it hasn’t worked because it requires the CEF browser, which on my system does not display the component contents correctly (everything is twice as big as it is supposed to be, and I can’t scroll or pan). This is in the desktop environment; I haven’t yet tried it in the web portal.

But in principle, if the refresh button was dynamic, it would go a long way towards providing the functionality I am after. So that is good news!

@AngusVeitch1 No problem. Yes this is a known issue with the CEF browser, especially on high DPI monitors. Hopefully its resolved soon, and you can test it out.

Let me know when you get a chance to check it out (after its fixed).

Wali Khan