Sorting causes "Error sorting table: Failed copying file stores to local handler"


it feels like 5.1 has become quite instable. Sorting a table (in preview), which contains about an estiamte of 800 to 1000 MB of images, their binary objects and some text values causes this error.

Scrolling to the right where the binary object column resides causes the preview to freeze (moderate CPU but no disc usage). the preview window cannot be close requiring me to force quit Knime.

There is another post of mine about the binary object column causing issuses but predominantly with Selenium nodes. This time it’s a core node of Knime (albeit in preview).


Hi @mwiegand -

Thanks for the detailed feedback here. Let me ping someone on our dev team to see if they can look into it further.

Hi @mwiegand,

Same question as in your other post :slight_smile: : were you using the columnar or row-based (previously called “default”) backend in your tests?


Hi @carstenhaubold,

the default row based backend. In case I have some sepcial setup I usually point that out like in the upcoming post, spoiler alert, about a performance regression of the new columnar backend.