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Hello KNIME community,

I am trying to transfer my MedChem workflows to the KNIME platform but I struggle with the visualization part. The data preparation and processing in KNIME is superior but the visualization part lacks some major features.

One example. I miss any kind of “universal” (at least) scatter plot where I could change data point size, color, shape, and do zooming, selection, annotation + use it in a component view. Current scatter plot nodes can do only part of those things each.

But I want to discuss something else. I will explain it on an example. I have a clustered dataset that I want to visualize in a 2D space (scatter plot). Then, I want to select some data points in this scatter plot and add to this selection all the data points that belong to the clusters that appear in the selection. I want to visualize the final list with Tile View node. This is something that can be easily done, but here is the catch. I would love to do it interactively in a component view (or any other way). Therefore, every time I select a new set of points, a tile list of combined data updates.

Does anybody see a way to achieve this or is this too much to ask? Thank you kindly.


Hi @janskacel ,

If I understood your request correctly, this could be easily achieved using the interactivity of the composite views.

All you have to do is to enable “Show selected rows only” in the Tile View (Javascript) node - it is in the Interactivity tab.

Please let me know if this helped.


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Hi @emilio_s ,

thank you for your response! Yes, this is clear. The problem comes, when there are other steps needed between the selection in plot and the tile view (i.e. joiner node to add related data to be visualize in tile view). In such case, the tile view does not refresh properly in the composite view. Maybe it is a bug on my site, or this is not how the selection can work. Can you confirm which one is the case? Thank you.


Ah, now I see your point!
In that case, you might want to explore more advanced techniques, like re-execution and hitting.

This thread might be of your interest :point_down:

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