Spatial Join and Field Merge


just another question to my question from here: Geospatial Extension, Nearest Join: Missing Unit and Field Merge

Thank you @Piantu! Looks great, however it does not seem to solve my issue.
Your Groupby comes after the SpatialJoin, however Spatial Join in ArcGIS does the calculation during the Join. So an example.

I have different sites of shops. For a certain area around these shops I’d like to calculate the revenue.
With your example I’d have to do it after the join, however during the join these numbers need to be calculate, as later on it is not possible to take the distances into account.

Or am I missing something?


would @tobias.koetter have any ideas on that? Thanks and appreciate any feedback!

Hi Awiener, your question is the steps in 2SFCA model, you can see the workflow here: Center for Geographic Analysis at Harvard University/Geospatial Analytics Examples – Healthcare Accessibility by G2SFCA Model – KNIME Community Hub. As I like your hand drawing, you can also check my illustration below: )

, wherein, we calculate distance first and then apply Row filter and GroupBy.


Hi @Piantu,

thank you very much for your answer.I’ll look at it in detail and will try to adopt it to my workflow.

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