SSH Conncection not working for SFTP

Hello there
My topic is directly related to this Post: SSH not working for SFTP which unfortunately is not open for discussion anymore.

I have the problem what quaeler was describing that my user is allowed for a child directory but has no rights on the parent directory.

Connecting via FileZilla on SFTP is working but KNIME SSH Connection is not working. Attached you find the working FileZilla Connection and the non-working KNIME SSH Connection

Does somebody has a solution?



Hi @Curiosity -

If this is the same problem described in the thread below - and it sounds like it might be - the fix for this is coming in KNIME 4.2.

You might want to quickly check the latest KNIME nightly build to see if this solves your problem.


Hi @ScottF Thanks for the update! Any Idea when KNIME 4.2 is coming?

Hi there @Curiosity,

does it work in nightly?

KNIME 4.2 is a summer release and usually date is end of June till mid of July looking at previous releases.


I’m having the same issue as posted above. I just upgraded to 4.2 and was hoping there was a fix. I used the SSH node to connect via SFTP but it appears there is still the same issue - (Attempt to access virtual root failed:/… No such Directory) My gut tells me FileZilla has a built in security key/handshake that Knime’s SSH node needs to connect in order to authenticate. I could be totally wrong…I’m just an idiot trying to figure all this out. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Just wanted to share my solution: I now used Python and ftplib module to solve this problem. You can also use a KNIME Python Integration if you still want to run the workflow in KNIME.


Sounds like a solution. Could you post an example of the Python code within the KNIME Python Integration node?

Hi @Davidn0007cc
I didnt use the KNIME Python integration. As I could do everything I wanted in Python, I didnt add the extra layer and put it into the KNIME workflow. I now just have a Python Script to solve this problem.


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