Stable Enterprise KNime Deployment

Hello Community,

the last few months have been bad for me in terms of Knime. First, all my workflows turned into folders and were unusable; even the ones from the backup became folders. Workflows broken when opening - Status: Error: Unable to load settings for node with ID suffix then my Mac Studio Dedicated to Knime died with some firmware issue.

I am always running on about 50 workflows, most of them connecting to MYSQL to get “tasks” and then they connect to APIs, download the JSON, parse it, back it up, and store the data in MYSQL. Some use Selenium to do the same. So I have a decent amount of IO, Files and DB writes. Some are loading images and running simple ML models, but they are less crucial.

What is the most stable and secure way to run these for maximum redundancy? I tried the hub, but the files and flows were too big. Whats the best way to run this amount of workflows and IO and make sure I don’t loose the workflows and files to strange issues like before

Thank you

Do you use KNIME Server? That is probably the way to handle this

It seems like its gone, and now Hub or so. Does it have backup GOOD capabilities etc?

Not sure what you mean “it’s gone”.
You can purchase KNIME Server for enterprise use cases and yes it has snapshot (save versions) options

Sorry, maybe just to old school. So I assume its called KNIME Hub Pricing | KNIME Knime Hub now?

yes looks like it

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