Start a Workflow, e. g. a database query, after a certain time


is it possible to start a Workflow, e. g. a database query, after a certain time?

My workflow :

Thx in advance!


Hi @USCHUKN1ME . Have you checked the wait node in Workflow automation?



Hello iperez,

no , I did not know this node yet, thanks for the tip.

Where do I put them in the workflow? Betöre the query, after the
query ?

Wait Node wie konfigurieren


Hi @USCHUKN1ME . Put it before the node you want to be executed (or the start of the workflow) after a specific time. In your case my guess is that you can connect it to the DB Connector or the DB Query

@USCHUKN1ME you need the flow variable ports for this. You can right click on the node and say Show Flow Variable Ports, than you find it.

Unfortunately, the node cannot be placed in between - the connections
are not possible!

WAIT Node keine Verknüpfung möglich

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Hi Iris,

i do that but … :thinking:… Now I don’t know exactly what to do here?

As @Iris suggested you need the flow variables port:

To clarify a bit: it turns out that ALL nodes have flow variable ports - they are always there on the top left and right corners of the node, even if you don’t see them.

If you want to use them in this case, click “Show Flow Variable Ports” on the nodes you want to connect to, not the Wait node.

Make sense? :slight_smile:

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Aha, i need the Variable prots from the DB Query Node not from the WAIT Node! :slightly_smiling_face:

WAIT Node connect to DB Query Node flow variable

Is it possible to specify several times? Loop?
As I see it now, the workflow only starts when the time, you specify, has been reached. And
that’s just only one time. The WAIT-Node blocks the workflow as long as!

As you can see the WAIT Node is green, but the DB Query and the rest
of the workflow is set to yellow resp. red.

WAIT Node Zeit erreicht grün aber Query startet nicht automatisch

Have I made a mistake in my thinking?

Thx in advance .


HI. Your reasoning is right: the wait node is green since it has been executed, it’ll block the following nodes execution according to the configuration made.
I don’t think you can loop as you wish. Using the server you can schedule the execution of a workflow as it suits you.

Hello @iperez ,

thx for your response.

Ok i understand: The Wait-Node is not possible to use it more than one times.

But is it possible to start the workflow follows the wait node automatically, as soon as the time in the WAIT node reaches and it jumps to green?


Maybe you can connect the wait node at the very first node in your workflow to achieve this? Other option comes to mind would be to use KNIME in batch mode and try to let windows do the task

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Have you tried to put the times you want the workflows to start in a table (you might create this table dynamically) and then use a Loop that would activate the wait node.

Hello @Daniel_Weikert ,

you meanlike that ?

Wait Node Config


Hello @mlauber71 ,

you mean like that:

Table creator mit verschiedenen Startzeiten

But how can i connect it with the Wait-Node?

Table creator connect to WIAT Node


@USCHUKN1ME you could try and use a:

and see if you could integrate that with the Wait node. You might have to add a dated but I have not tried that yet.

About Loops in general there is this collection:

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Hi @mlauber71 ,

thank your for the tipp.

I have a look to:
Loop example

What must the parameter settings be so that the loop processes all
three lines of the table and passes the start time contained therein to the wait

Table creator connect to LOOP-Node to  WAIT Node

Table creator mit verschiedenen Startzeiten

Loop Node Settings

Loop Node Config

Wait-Node Settings?
Wait Node Config 2

Thx in advance


@USCHUKN1ME you could take a look at this example. It uses the current execution time and adds 25, 45, and 65 seconds and then waits until the new shifted time has been reached.

Please note: If the time of day has passed when the workflow reaches the Wait node it will wait until the same time next day!


@mlauber71 thank you.

I will try it.

Where do I have to place the Node LOOP-End? Since I have a
component at the end l’m not sure!

Component am Ende des Worklfows

Component Open-View am Ende des Worklfows