Still not discovered knime report designer in knime 5.1

I do not find a way to access knime report designer in knime 5.1 !!! Please help !!!

Hi @knime200087

Switch to the classic UI if you have not done already. Reference:

That is I know, I thought I was missing that into new 5.1. As it is stable release, why I have to go back classic to initiate report designer ? Is not it a flaw of the design ?

Your guess is as good as mine. I’m staying on 4.7.4 for the foreseeable future :wink:

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This is because BIRT relies heavily on the existing Eclipse framework. While we still support BIRT in the classic interface, we are moving toward a new reporting feature (currently in KNIME Labs) for the future. You can read more about that on the What’s New page:


Dear ScottF, So exciting to know that. But will it (Reporting Lab) have the capability to insert input “Data/Image/Test” to Predict a output response either can we built a deployment app using hugging face trained ML data , So we can deploy the interactive live app, just like the existing BIRT have. I think that feature will revolutionise and democratise the MLDS for non coders.

Hey @knime200087,

can you elaborate a bit more on this use case? The new reporting will just use whatever you have in a component and put it into a report. So if you can build a workflow that has the results shown as a last step in a Data App, you should be able to do it.



Dear Mr. Daniel,

I appreciate the time and effort you’ve dedicated to understanding and responding to my queries. My current project, although simple in premise, carries considerable potential. It involves developing a machine learning application deployable on Heroku, a Platform as a Service (PaaS), where users can upload an image or input variables, receiving a subsequent prediction from the application.

Moving to the next phase, I envision integrating this application as an AI Recommendation tool with other applications, regardless of whether they are PHP or JavaScript-based, on-premises, or located anywhere around the globe. However, my expertise does not extend into machine learning engineering, so I am unable to articulate the entire process in detail at this time.

The third phase involves designing a personalized chatbot, using generative AI technology, which can be deployed according to the requirements of the end user.

At the moment, my main focus is on developing a user input-based application. I’m not referring to an application that utilizes slider-based input, but one that functions as a predictive tool capable of handling text or image inputs. It’s aimed at various fields such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Vision, Logistics, and other applications relying on deep learning for predictions.

Could I develop such an application using “Data APP”? Please note that my question is direct, seeking advice on a predictive application, not a slider-based user interface.

I appreciate your probing questions, which have encouraged me to delve deeper into this subject.

Thank you,

Hey @knime200087,

this sounds like a very interesting, but also very involved project. I would be very happy to see the progress you make with this project. Now regarding your question, I would say this heavily depends on what it is you want to have. We have nodes for accepting image uploads or larger text, which is probably what you need? (specifically the File Upload node). Creating an AI Recommendation tool is probably also possible with the newly released AI Extension, but I have to admit that I am not an AI expert and I would need the help of other colleagues if you have specific questions regarding those nodes.

For me to judge if this is something that you can build with a Data App I would need much more information and maybe mocks of your ideas. In general close to everything is possible with Data Apps, as you could make use of the generic JS node which opens it up to everything you can achieve with JS.


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