Strange behaviour of Node Repository

Dear KNIMErs,

for some strange reason I need to clean up my node repository every day. Is there some hidden metafile I have to adjust, when I clean up lots of folders in my node repository?

This is how it looks BEFORE cleaning, you see a lot of empty folders:

This is how it looks like AFTER cleaning (and how it should look like)


However, everytime I restart KNIME, I get the first (uncluttered) folder structure again and have to clean it up again.

I also checked on my local harddrive and the folders are also deleted there.

I run KNIME Analytics Platform 4.3.2

Thank you in advance.

Hell @kowisoft,

remember this one and it was classified as a bug if it’s same. Think deleting the folders manually in the windows explorer should work. See here:



That worked, I tried it before in 4.3.2 where it didn’t but in 4.5 that did the job.

Thanks a lot!

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Glad to hear that @kowisoft :slight_smile:

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