String Manipulation (Multi Column): Convert to string fails


there is aa bug in the String Manipulation (Multi Column) node

The regular String Manipulation node doesn’t flinch.


Hi @mwiegand , yes basically String Manipulation (Multi Column) is very limited in its support for datatypes. To my knowledge, that error appears if it is presented with any column other than String, Integer, Double, which is frustrating as it could have been the solution to many multi-column problems… but sadly isn’t, without additional effort.

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Some more research demonstrates just how “unloved” the String Man Multi node appears to be!

The bug got a ticket reference 6 months before I first started using KNIME…

(it’s described slightly differently, but I’d say it was basically the same error message and same root-cause)

Thanks @takbb and jepp, that node clearly needs some love :wink:

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