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I have a column in which their is a term which has been corrupted The term is “ALEXIA 40”. Various persons have entered this in the database and have various mistakes like someone has typed ALE XIA 40, someone has not left a space between ALEXIA and 40 while some one has entered ALEXIA 40 Lube O. I want to replace all of these occurrence using String replacer. I have tried wildcard with ALE 40* but it is not working. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @rahulgog,

does your term is embedded in a sentense or stays it as a single entry.

If it is a single entry you can remove all white spaces and check if the string contains “ALEIXA40”. If yes, replace the content with a string you specified otherwise keep the content.



Hi @rahulgog , the question that @morpheus asked “does your term is embedded in a sentense or stays it as a single entry” is important, as it will determine how to solve this issue.

Also, it’s a good idea if you could give us some sample data that we can work with, and also share what you have done so we get an idea of what you are trying to accomplish. For example, “I have tried wildcard with ALE 40* but it is not working”. Can you show us the expression?

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Hello morpheus
The term is imbedded and not a single entry. I am attaching a screenshot of the excel sheet. Hope it helps

Hi bruno29a,
I am using string replacer for above and sending a screenshot of same

Hello bruno291,
In continuation with the same. I am attaching the excel sheet on which I am working. The requirement is to find the quantity of grades of LO supplied by Vendor and Port of supply. The problem is that the item names are not unique, and for the same item multiple names are there for same item name as mentioned in the original problem statement.2021_Lube_Data.xlsx (141.1 KB). Any suggestion would be helpful.

Hi @rahulgog , is it just ALEXIA 40 that you need to “clean up”?

First of all, you need to bring everything to the same case (upper case or lower case) in order to do the comparisons.

If it’s not just ALEXIA 40 but also other items, you may need to build a mapper. You can check this thread to get an idea about building the mapper:

Hi bruno29a, Yes I have to clean up more than just ALEXIA 40. There is a list of 34 major grades of oil which need to be cleaned. I have already upper cased all the names and also removed spaces and special characters in the string to easily match the cases. I have used String matcher node to try and narrow it down. I am attaching the list of major grades of oil
Major grades of LO.xlsx (9.1 KB)

Maybe a Similarity Search-based solution would help? Take a look at this simple example workflow:

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Hi @rahulgog,

I do not know how much different items/articles you have.

In my opinion for long term the best solution is guide the users, when they populate the Item Name field.
For example they can be supported while the selection by a dropdown list, what contains only right values in order to avoid additional work.


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