Subgraph Extractor (Saved Workflow Issues)

Hi @ScottF , I’m referring to this unsolved but closed thread on → this post

I am having the same issue and it produces the same error with this node.

I can save a workflow completely, but everytime I reopen that workflow, the node resets with that error shown. I’m using Knime 4.6.3.

Here’s a screenshot:

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Hi @badger101 -

Apologies that you continue to run into this issue. It turns out that the ticket I had filed previously about this in the old thread was a duplicate of an older issue (AP-7499). Let me add a +1 from you on that ticket and we’ll see what happens.

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Alright, looking forward to a solution. Till then, cheers.

Hi @ScottF , this issue is also replicated for the Network to Row Node:

Can you put them together as one ticket?

Yes, it’s ultimately the same issue underlying both nodes.

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