Subtract the current values of the month from the previous month

Hello community,

In my data set I get new YTD values ​​every month but no monthly values ​​for the individual month. My wish is to subtract the YTD value of the current month from the YTD value of the previous month. But only for KPIs which include “YTD” in their Name under the column KPI.


  1. P09 YTD - P08 YTD = MTD in P09
  2. P08 YTD - P07 YTD = MTD in P08
  3. P07 YTD - P06 YTD = MTD in P07

The search criteria shoud be: Fiscal Year / Period Month / RowIDs / BU / Consolidation / Reporting Unit Name / Commodity / BU specific / KPI

I made an example in the attached file.

This should be provided with the KPI 3 = MTD.

How can I do something like this?

Thanks for your help
Daten Substraction.xlsx (2.4 MB)

Sorry, its similar to a topic i have already posted

Thanks for providing context to your other thread. I will go ahead and close this one.