Suggestion: Bringing (even) more gamification to the Forum


I love this fact about KNIME forum that it’s one of the most active forums I have ever seen. This forum is really one of the KNIME’s strengths.

I like the gamification in KNIME forum. The badges are great. They are encouraging to be an active member for sure. So here I have a few suggestion to boost that.

First of all, it would be great to add the “issues solved (or solutions)” parameter to the user statistics page. (we already have it in user profile page)

One of the most encouraging features of games is the rankings (beside badges, medals and achievements). I can remember the web browser based game named Travian which had a ranking page (Top 10 in 4 different fields). If anyone here has played the game can understand me when I say players would do anything to make it to the top 10 (and every week players could earn medals for that). So I think it’s a good idea to add this feature to the forum as an additional gamification feature.

Recently I published a post in which I have provided a workflow that ranks forum members. I think it’s a good example. There can be a page just like user statistics page which shows the top 10 users in different time periods. And also there can be new badges for being in the lists.



Hey @armingrudd,

Thanks for your fantastic workflow and thanks for the feedback. We’re happy for any suggestions and we’re constantly working on improving our forum and community features. We very well know who makes this forum such a great place :slight_smile: I’ve shared this thread with some of my colleagues and we’ll discuss your suggestions asap. I can’t promise when and to what extend we can start working on it, though (depends a bit on other activities).

Thanks again for the great feedback!



Thank you @armingrudd for the dedicated work and for the Forum ranking. Although I made it to a top spot in the metrics I am a little hesitant to introduce even more gamification (but that of course is up to the good people at KNIME) - that being said I very much enjoyed having been granted the ‘regular’ status :blush:

The regulars have to be careful not to overdo it and we should try to bring more people into the fold. A high participation from volunteers cannot always be guaranteed and should not discourage others from also wading into discussions.

And other factors might play a role like (you mentioned it) sleep deprivation or other things that are not always there and might not always be entirely healthy.


This is sort of an aside, but what software does the KNIME forum run off of? It’s definitely some of the best I’ve used for tech/community support sites.
To the original topic, I certainly agree that leader boards are a powerful thing. If something like this were implemented, a thoughtful process of how it should be brought to the users’ attention is warranted. (i.e. button, prizes for being on the top, etc.)


Dear Markus,

Unlike what you think about the consequences of having such rankings, I think it’s more encouraging to the new members or inactive ones. Members like you and Ivan (@ipazin) have proven that they don’t need to be encouraged like this to support the community. And be aware, in the ranking system that I provided, high participation doesn’t necessarily mean a high rank as you need to be liked as well (the like to reply rate).

If you check the last update, a new user in forum is now in the 1st place (day period). I’m not sure about this but I guess if he sees that he will be encouraged to participate even more.

Oh boy, it wasn’t like that. First I couldn’t sleep, then I decided to do something. People can take care of themselves. :wink:


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Hi @Snowy -

FYI - the forum software is Discourse. More info here: