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Hello Nedam,

I was not able to plot colors of my label(target) which have a binary values 0 and 1. I have written python script as below. Any suggestion?

tsne_data = np.vstack((X_tsne.T, label)).T #stacking data and label
df = pd.DataFrame(data = tsne_data, columns=(“Dim_1”, “Dim_2”, “Z”))
g=sn.FacetGrid(df, col=“Z”, col_wrap=2, size = 4,palette = ‘Set1’)
g=g.map(plt.scatter, ‘Dim_1’, ‘Dim_2’, s=200, alpha=0.2)
plt.title(‘Two t-SNE components’)

It would make things easier if you could provide a complete example and show us at what point you struggle to continue or what do you want to achieve.

My idea would be to use Python View.