Table To HTML doesn't capture all columns

I notice that the “Table to HTML” node doesn’t automatically detect new column configurations when run. I am using it with the “Always include all columns” option selected, however the node ignores this setting and just assumes that the number of columns is the same as the last time it was configured.

This can be reproduced by creating a simple two node setup as shown below. You can use any arbitrary table for the first node. For the second node configure it to use “Always include all columns.” Run these two nodes once, then add a couple of new columns to your input table and run again without re configuring the second node. The HTML output will ignore the new columns.

EDIT: I just realized this post refers to the Lhasa Table to HTML node, and not the Table to HTML node that is part of the KNIME HTML/PDF Writer extension. I guess we have a bit of a name collision there.

Hi @joshuahoran -

Interesting, thanks for reporting this. This sounds suspiciously similar to another bug that was recently reported (linked below). Maybe there is a relationship?

Ha, yes there is a name collision. I am indeed talking about the Lhasa node. The I/O node with the same name does not fit my purpose since it writes to file instead of passing the generated HTML to downstream nodes (e.g. email nodes).


Ah sorry I hadn’t spotted this post (sorry for the bug also).

I’ll take a look at the node and see why it’s not behaving as it should and release a fix.



P.S. Issue logged here:

Edited post

I fixed the bug without causing a breaking change so that you don’t need to configure your workflows.

I’ve pushed the fix to the trunk, 3.6 and 3.7 branches. The fix should be available in tomorrows build of the update sites.

Please let me know if this hasn’t resolved the issue.



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Thanks SWebb. The latest KNIME updates trashed my current install, so I’m going to have to do a clean re-install of KNIME and its extensions. I’ll test the HTML node once I get everything back up and running. Thanks again!

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