Table View in Component seems to be inconsistent

Dear all,

Perhaps there is a bug in the Table View Node used in a Component

Using the configuration “auto” in the Layout Configuration of the Table View in the Component, the output of the Component and the report are fine (see “Table View 1”), but if one uses “Open view” for the component, the result is shown in the second attachment “Table View 2”. The rows of the table are missing. If one uses “Aspect Ratio” in the Layout Configuration the rows are shown again

This behaviour is not critical , but it seems to be inconsistent and therefore not desirable.

Is there anything I have overlooked?

Best regards, Jürgen

Example Workflow:

Table View 1:

Table View 2:

PS: This post is a part of another post from me. I have copied it to tag it as a bug

Hey @Juergen,

It is kind of expected/wanted at the moment, but I agree that it is not ideal yet. I already explained the technical details in this post here.
We will be looking for better solutions, but it is not an easy problem.

Thanks for reporting and I hope this explains it.



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