Testing Framework


  • Testing framework restructured into different repositories (contact us if you have dependencies to; org.knime.testing, org.knime.testing.headless, org.knime.testing.ui, or org.knime.js.testing)

Hereby contacting you. What steps need to be taken? (FYI @danielesser)

– Philipp

Ah is this why my trunk builds are started failing? I guess some changes are needed to CDK also.

Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.
Software being installed: CDK Testing feature 1.5.200.v201711101057 (org.openscience.cdk.knime.testing.feature.feature.group 1.5.200.v201711101057)
Missing requirement: CDK Testing feature 1.5.200.v201711101057 (org.openscience.cdk.knime.testing.feature.feature.group 1.5.200.v201711101057) requires ‘org.knime.features.testingapplication.feature.group 2.7.0’ but it could not be found

Ohh. Same here and I guess a bunch of projects using workflow tests as part of the genericworkflownodes will also be affected. Actually, this comes a bit surprising for me. Was there any announcement I might have missed?

Hi @swebb, @qqilihq, @danielesser

there are now two features:
org.knime.features.testing.application and org.knime.features.testing.core.


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There was no announcement because we didn’t believe that anyone had a dependency on org.knime.features.testingapplication. The problems with the community contribution tests have been or are currently be addressed by gab1one.

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My plugin depends on org.knime.testing [3.1.0, 5.0.0] and currently is failing due to it’s dependency on the CDK build.

I’ll look at submitting a pull request to the CDK plugin to update the dependency.



No need to do that, I am on it: https://github.com/cdk/nodes4knime/pull/12



Thank you for the information.

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