Testingapplication feature

Hi all,

I am trying to resolve:

And I saw that in other projects (CDK) it was solved by just removing the dependency.
So my question is: When do I really need which dependency to the testing plugins? E.g. when do I need
a dependency to testing.application, when to testing.core or even testing.headless?

Could it be that it was a “thing” in the very beginning of KNIME, that it was recommended/needed to add this testingapplication dependency?


I assume it was suggested to be added because you need the testing application in the current installation to run the UnitTest runners anyway? But a real mandatory dependency does not really exist right?

You very certainly do not need a dependency to any of the features (which is possible on a feature level only anyway). If you need a dependency to the plug-ins depends on whether you are using code from them or not. If everything compiles, you are fine.
The reason why some features from the community contributions had a feature dependency to a testing feature was historic and only required for the community build system.