Text Processing extension are missing after upgrading to version 3.6.



Text Processing extension are missing after upgrading to version 3.6. Any one have solution?
Try to install extensions but saying that already installed.

Hope some one can hep?


Hi @yan.nwt,

Sorry for the trouble. Can you provide us some more information about your installation (e.g. operating system?)?

Also two more questions:

  • Do you have the HCS extensions from the community contributions installed? If so, can you try uninstalling the extensions and check if the problem goes away?
  • Do the text processing nodes show up on a fresh install of KNIME Analytics Platform 3.6? You can download the KNIME zip file and start KNIME from the extracted files. No need to use the installer.

Thank you and sorry for the trouble again,



Just update the KNIME, the loading time for existing workflow is much much longer, it takes over 30 times slower than before. Besides, some text mining nodes have errors after loading. Can I resume back to previous version?

KNIME 3.6 Release

Hello Lawson,

I can confirm, that I also have issues with nodes from the “KINME Textprocessing” extensions. On loading an existing workflow, I am asked to install the missing “KNIME Textprocessing” extensions, which throws an error:

Cannot complete the request.  See the error log for details.
"KNIME Textprocessing" will be ignored because it is already installed.

Even uninstalling the extensions and reinstalling them or starting with “knime -clean” does not change the behaviour: the textprocessing nodes don’t show in the repository. The "text workflows from the examples server (08_01 Text_Processing) also won’t work.

I’ve failed on two independent machines - both were upgraded from KNIME v3.5.3.

Any help is appreciated…



Do you know how to go back to previous KNIME version?


After upgrade to 3.6, previously working Text Processing Notes are missing and neither able to reinstall the extensions…

Installation fails

You cannot downgrade KNIME, in this case, you would need to reinstall KNIME.

Sorry about this!

KNIME 3.6 Release

I had all free extensions installed. After the update (3.6.0), the problem (missing Text Processing nodes) occurred.
As @christian.dietz mentioned, I uninstalled KNIME HCS Tools (Community Contributions - Bioinformatics & NGS) then restarted KNIME and the problem was solved. After that, I reinstalled KNIME HCS Tools and no problem occurred.
So just uninstall and reinstall the HCS tools in KNIME Community Contributions - Bioinformatics & NGS.

The latest update for HCS tools (3.1.200) brings back the error which caused text mining nodes disappear and makes it more complicated to solve...
Error in New Update

Thank you!!! This saved my week!
Solution: uninstalling the KNIME HCS Tools - works on all my KNIME v3.6 installations! The textprocessing nodes are fully working again.

So now I’m finally back to exploring the new features of KNIME v3.6 :+1: