The best way to group groups 2 #urgent

Dear ALL,

in my last topic:

@mlauber71 helped me to group groups of based on two columns.
My actual task is to group them based on three column and not only 2 columns.
e. g. in the last topic I gave product and platform as an exapl.

this time the example would be a product - sub platform and platform

so I should group the product and sub platforms and platforms which are similar to each other in one line.

Thanks in advance.

I am not sure if I got your first problem correctly, it’s such a long thread :sweat_smile:
but how about grouping the first two and then group the “grouped” with the third?

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It was just a two sides grouping, instead of one side grouping with group by…
This time I need the same solution based on three segments and not just two like before.
Before it was Platform and Product and we should group all platforms and products which are similar.
this time platforme sub platform and product.

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