The end user side?

Hello !
Ok, after some time learning the basics of Knime I think I became able to do what I’m looking for, it is:
connect to oracle database, read the tables, select data and create filters, joins and some views - tables and graphs.

But What I cannot realize is how will the end user consume the information I’ve created.
I’ll need to do some exportation? There’s another front end just to run the workflow and visualize the results?

Thanks in advance!!

Hi @EduardoRio

The KNIME Webportal is suitable for this. This will give a brief introduction:


Thanks ArjenEX for the response.
I’m wonder that in order to use WebPortal I’ll have to run a Server instance. That’s correct?

@EduardoRio I think a KNIME server with a Web Portal might indeed be the best option. But you also could build ‘data apps’ that can be used locvally, but the the end user would have to open them in KNIME and use their interface. The interesting thing: you could build a prototype or an application that already can be used loaclly and then move that to a full web application via the server.

Eight Data App Designs with the New Refresh Button

How to Create an Interactive Dashboard in Three Steps with KNIME Analytics Platform

This example could be run locally and you might get an idea how that works.

A reduced example on the KNIME hub how to select a specific table from a database


Thanks mlauber!
I’ll do a deep read on these.

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I misuse this topic a little bit.
@ScottF There is still no “KNIME Server per User” License availabe right? (Similar to Power BI Premium per user) which would allow learning KNIME Server for beginners like myself right?

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The closest thing we have at the moment would be a free trial available on a cloud platform of your choice (AWS, Azure). We also make trial licenses available to educators and their institutions.

It’s funny that you should ask, since this very topic came up internally this morning. What happens when our users who want to get L3 certified, for instance, don’t have ready access to a license? We’re working on that. Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:


Hi ScottF,
It’s a good question you came up with. I do understand that this sort of restriction is necessary. But it have other consequences as the lack of access for who are learning. I’m sure you’ll find a solution.

In my case, as I’ve said before I’m used to work with Oracle BI platform. Some time ago, when cloud comes with lightnings, thunders and rain!!! :upside_down_face:
And, that time the Ora BI comes with two flavors:
1 - adimin with a very similar approach as Knime Analytics and
2 - An end user app, to create and run the data visualization.
After that all the software migrates to web and a bunch of new layers on the server side.
I stop to work with Oracle. Too much complexity.
Since that start to work with Tableau. They have changed the way thing work there too and…
Recently, reading a tech article (I don’t remember where!) about BI they point to Knime with a lot of compliments. I became curious and here am I trying my first steps.
So, thanks to all for the support!!!


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