The JSON Path node outputs a list with a few elements

Hi there,
In this example the output list after the JSON Path node contains only 3 elements instead of the 3008 it should have. What’s wrong with this flow?
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HTML_JSON_Scraper.knwf (18.3 KB)

Is there any particular reason why you moved away from the solution posted in the other topic you created about this same use case? :wink:

For whatever reason the website is programmed in such a way that the first 3 reviews appear standalone the code as well but the full JSON with everything is still in line 268

Hi @ArjenEX,
I abandoned the previous post because the solution you proposed was fine for the comments but not for the rating value (always equal to the average value) which is fundamental for my analyses.
I then tried to use the XLM to JSON node followed by the JSON Path node but this only gets the data from the first (3) views.
I was hoping with this new post to have some new suggestions but I realize that this site does not allow scaping.
Thanks, anyway, I’ll close the post.